Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Home sweet home!

So, my journey home to the UK. Had an absolute nightmare at Auckland airport; I read online I can take up to 32kg if travelling to/from UK & NZ...had no problems on way there & case was well over 25kg. Get to airport in NZ, my case is 31kg & they wont accept it. Apparently what I read didn't apply to me - I was wrong!!! $95 for each kg whole case probably wasn't worth that! So I had to empty some stuff out & leave it in NZ :'( sad sad times!! I did however put on 2 pairs of jeans, leggings, 2 tops, & 2 jumpers & got thro security...(sweating) hahahaaaa! 

The flight itself was awful. Turbulence was sooooooooooo bad, at one point it lasted for an hour and I was gripping onto the seat, then spent the next few hours puking in the toilet. I felt SO rough it was unreal, so was possibly the worst 27 hours of my life!!

Dad was waiting at the airport for me & then I was back home reunited with my family & Dave...was so happy to see them all after what felt like so long <3

I have now been home for over 2 weeks, and NZ feels like a distant memory! It truely was an amazing experience & I am so happy I had the chance to do it!

Thank you to everyone who followed my blog and to all those who supported me along my journey. 

....There really is no place like home xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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