Friday, 8 June 2012

1st week in NZ!

So my first week in New Zealand has finished!

I have spent the week working in my new placement! I didn't know what to expect but I've really enjoyed it! The staff have been lovely & welcomed me to the place! It is very different to what Im used to at home... the clients are SO independent and its sort of the stage before they look at going home so they do everything for themselves! I am used to very hands on care, but its been good to see how things are done over here!

I took a 'client' to a doctors appointment the other day which was an experience, and then went on a trip to a maritime museum with 6 of them! You could get in free if you were a NZ resident, so the staff told me not to talk until we'd gone through haha! I must admit I did feel a bit trapped/scared having been sat at the back of the van surrounded by clients I didn't know...and being a passenger I felt SO travel sick!! Can you imagine the awkward moment of puking up over the clients...luckily I held it together (until I got off the van lol) oops!

Last night I went to a jubilee party at Sarahs work. She had decorated the office in all sorts of british decorations & it looked great! Sarah went a punk rocker & I wore my red, blue & white maxi I was pretty much a walking flag haha! It was a good night, we went into the city and had drinks in a few bars & clubs! Definately a different experience from home...I'm used to cheap cider & £1 apple sour shots & I felt a bit out of place being in a posh bar surrounded by fancy people...laaaa de daaaaaaa!!

This evening we are going to the All Blacks vs Ireland rugby match!! I do not have a clue about rugby in the slightest, but Im sure the atmosphere will be amazing!! Aaannnd Im doing the skytower walk tomorrow which I cant wait to do :)

So a week has gone by, meaning there are 3 weeks left. I am really missing home today!! To be honest I thought I would struggle more than I am, but I am being kept sooo busy with work & plans etc & luckily I have been able to talk to my family & Dave every day which has helped a lot!! Being awake when you're all fast asleep is really strange...Im constantly thinking what the time is back home & what you're all probably up to!!

Will post again after this weekends activities!!

Much love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  1. This sounds amazing kel! You've done so much already!!! x