Sunday, 17 June 2012

Another adventure

I am now in my 3rd week in NZ...I have days when I feel likes its whizzing past...and others when I feel like I've been here forever. Don't get me wrong, I am having an amazing time & am having loads of amazing adventures, but I am missing home a lot & am starting to feel like I'm never going to return! I had a dream the other night that I came home & nobody remembered me...I was heartbroken & it left me feeling home sick all day!! I have moments when I feel sad about being so far away, but being able to talk on skype & msg on FB is really helping & getting me through. To be honest..I am surprised I've lasted this long without feeling emotional & silly...those who know me best know I can cry at anything :/ 

Had a great weekend here in NZ :) we went to Sarah & Rods bach (translation: beach house) & it was lovely! It was absolutely freezing, to the point where u know when ur outside & its cold & u breathe & u see ur breath its that cold...well, that was happening indoors :/ we were wrapped up in so many layers & I even went without showering for 2 days because I couldn't bare to get undressed. How gross is that!!!!!!! Slumming it festival style really isn't me...but we survived :)

We went & watched the second All Blacks vs Ireland rugby match in a nearby pub which was cool! I was proper getting into it! I don't really know the rules, other than its proper physical & they just tackle each other to the ground (thats all I need to know!) but I realised half way through I had a black guiness top I guess I was sort of supporting a bit of both teams..oops! We went for a drive around and for a walk on the beaches...they were beautiful!! Would be sooooooo lovely in the summer!! We also went to a vineyard & did a bit of wine tasting (LOL) I can't really say I have expensive taste as I'm used to a £3 bottle of wine - typical essex girl - but it was a cool experience even though I had no clue what I was talking out! We did the whole swirling it around & smelling it thing hahaha....

On the way home from the bach we went to a place called Sheep World. They had dyed some of the sheep pink hahaha...was so cool! We went in and watched a show...and the farmer was showing us how to shear sheep. He then wanted a helper, and Sarah volunteered me to go up!! I was so embarrassed but I thought why not! I went on stage & helped shear the sheep & was given some of the wool to take home it was wicked!! We then fed the baby lambs with milk bottles & then we all got to hold them! They were sooooooooooooo cute we didn't wanna put them down. I asked Dave if I could bring one home for a pet as I'll be moving in with him soon, but he said no. Sad times!!

Sunday evening I drove an hour and a half to Hamilton, where I will be staying until Friday. I was originally meant to stay here for 2 weeks, but I decided I'd feel more comfortable staying with my friend & I had also settled in well to the Auckland facility so I changed the plans. The lady, her bf & her brother who I am staying with are lovely & making me feel very welcome - I had to apologise tonight & say I won't be able to be very sociable during my stay as I have SO much uni work to get done this week, but they were cool & understood :) its also quite nice to have some me time - although too much will get my mind wondering & missing home no doubt so I think I'll get cracking with the uni work! 

Its been -3 at night here in Hamilton, so u can imagine how hard it is to warm up with no central heating!! I have been SO cold all day at work, everyone has their coats on & its just impossible to warm up - tomorrow I will be going in with 5 layers on, my hat, scarf & gloves just to stop be shivering!! All part of the fun.... 

I started my 1st day at new placement today, same company just a different facility. It was totally different to the place I worked in Auckland. The clients are a lot more dependent & require a lot more help, so its been good to see it from both sides. 

I am excited for Friday when Sarah travels down to meet me & we head off to Rotarua for a little road trip & weekend away :) 

Off now to have dinner with my new housemates & then crack on with the uni work - I think I've been in holiday mode for too long!!


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