Monday, 18 June 2012

Thank god for the NHS...

During my time here in NZ I have discovered a few things...

  • you have to pay for a doctors appointment (I'm sure it was $17 when I took a client the other day, but apparently a visit to your GP costs around $50 (£25!!)
  • prescriptions are $3 each (£1.50)

  • if you call for an ambulance & they transport you to hospital, you will be invoiced for it. A client today had a letter to say some of the fee was paid, but she was required to pay the $80!!!! (£40!!)

    Definately makes you appreciate the NHS, and everything we get for free in the UK. However, maybe if we did have a charge... doctors appointments wouldn't be taken up with pointless/waste of time things, and ambulances wouldn't be sent out for 'headaches' or whatever other ridicuous things people call 999 for..........

    Maybe we might get a doctors appt for the time when were actually feeling ill, rather than a week or so later...........Just a thought!!

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