Saturday, 30 June 2012

Bungee jump & ice bar!

It is now my last weekend in New Zealand....I have been here 4 weeks & am heading home tomorrow (Sunday 1st July) amazing journey is coming to an end!!

Today I decided to do a bungee jump off the harbour bridge in Auckland! When I first come to NZ I wasn't interested & decided a walk around the skytower was my limit, but then I thought what an experience....and before I knew it it was booked. I was soooo scared!! We arrived at the place, put a helmet & harness on and walked underneath the bridge towards some ladders which took you up to the 'bungee pod'. They had a list of people in order of when they want you to jump, and I was 3rd. Sarah & Rod were allowed to come up as spectators so that was cool :) My name was called then I had to go and have the harness attached to my ankles and be hooked up to all the safety bits & bobs. It was so hard walking out to the platform with my ankles tied up lol. And thats when it really hit me...standing on the platform & looking over the edge was terrifying!!!!!! I did not want to let go of the guy who worked there & felt like my feet were frozen to the floor haha. He did a countdown, but I didnt go...I asked him if there was a chance I could die, and if he'd push me..he said no to both! He did another countdown & this time I jumped. Ohhh my god!!!!!!!! The feeling of falling is the scariest thing EVER!! From jumping off the platform to when you feel the harness pull is the worst bit, cos u feel like ur not attached to anything and ur just plunging into the water. Once the harness pulled & I started bouncing up and down I relaxed & enjoyed the experience!! It was crazy but I loved it!! We had a strap which we pulled to drop our feet so we were the right way up (not upside down) and then they pulled you back up to the bungee pod. When I got back up there my whole body was shaking from the adrenaline - Ive never felt anything like it. The guy asked me to lift one leg onto this platform so he could take off the ankle strap & I could hardly balance on my one shaky leg lol. Wow, such a cool experience. I have 9 photos & a DVD to show you all when I get home :) :)

After this me & Sarah decided to go to an Ice Bar. Ive always wanted to go to the one in London but never got round to it so we thought we'd check it out! It was soooo cool, everything was made of ice...from the chairs to the walls to the glasses. We werent allowed to take our own cameras in (another money making scheme) but we bought some wicked photos :) they give you a big warm coat & gloves to wear & ur only allowed in there for a certain amount of time cos its so cold! U get 1 free cocktail, but trying to pick up this ice glass with big skiing gloves on is almost impossible - and theres signs up saying breakages need to be paid for??! Its only ICE!!!! Maybe they meant the big ice sculptures...not the little glasses :/

Tonight we've been chilling out after our tiring day! Its absolutely freeeeeeeeezing cold tonight - the only warm place is in front of the fire its horrible!! Gonna put my layers on & go to bed ready for my last day in NZ tomorrow before my flight home!!

What a brilliant day & perfect way to end my trip to NZ :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  1. Kel I cant believe you did the bungee jump!! That must have been such an amazing experience!!! Ive always wanted to go to an ice bar too! Sounds like your having the best time! I cant wait to see yoooou xxxxxx