Monday, 11 June 2012

Busy busy busy

Saturday night we went to the All Blacks vs Ireland rugby match! I have never been to a rugby game before, or even watch it on I did not have a clue what the rules were or what was actually happening! We had good seats & the atmosphere was wicked, especially when All Blacks took the lead & everyone went mad - loved it!!

Yesterday I walked around the outside of the skytower...and it was sooooooooo good!! I've been wanting to do it since the day I arrived & was so excited when we planned to go yesterday! I had planned to and was more than happy to do it by myself...but when we arrived they were doing a 2 for 1 offer, so I persuaded Sarah to do it with me! We put our bright orange jump suits on and was attached to a harness...they took us right to the top and outside onto the ledge. We were all in a line & our harness' were attached above so we had to stay in that order to walk around. We got through the gate and there were no longer handrails to hold on to and now just a 1metre wide walkway ahead of us! Sarah decided at this point she couldn't do it & froze on the spot - she then tried to backtrack but we had to stop her as we were all attached & she couldn't run off without us haha! Sadly Sarah didn't join us for the rest of the walk but she defo missed out I LOVEEEEED IT!! In a small group we took it in turns to hang over the edge of the skytower, forwards & backwards! It was such a cool feeling, scary at times but cool! People were eating in the restaurant up high in the skytower and waving at us!! I didn't want it to end, I wished we could have gone round again or done more scary/exciting things but time was up! I do have a couple of photos to show u all when I get back, along with a certificate to prove I actually did it haha! I can go back and do the bungee jump for $ I may just be tempted! Its not really freefalling its more controlled (we stood inside afterwards and watched the jumpers) so who knows.....I might give it a go!!

Anyway...our day of fun didn't end there. At the skytower we got talking to some guys who were backing dancers at Lady GaGas concert...and they said they were performing that night (1 of the guys was about to do his FOURTH jump???!) Me & Sarah called up and managed to get last minute tickets to her concert, with only a few hours till showtime! I do like her songs...but I never really got I wasn't sure how i'd find it but it was actually amazing!!!! She is absolutely mad in so many ways, but the whole show/performance was just so good! Aaaannnd she played all songs I'd heard of, not too many from her new album so we could join in :) once again I have lots of pics to show u all when I get back, ull see how close we were & prob be a little jel!!

Started my 2nd week at work today!! Went with a 'client' to a dentist the hospital. One of the students asked if she could use her details and xrays etc for a casestudy, which they agreed, and then asked if she could take some photos for a before & after shot. We were then taken down to a photo studio ( the hospital!!!) for a photoshoot of this womans mouth & face.........!?!? errrm, doesn't get weirder than that!!!!!!! Defo the strangest dentist appointment I've ever been to!! ...Only in NZ!!!!!

I am feelin a bit rough at the mo with a crappy cold, sore throat, earache and Im off to dose myself up on meds & get myself to bed early with my kindle!!

Goodnight NZ, Good Morning England :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  1. Kel you are mad!!!! I can't believe you walked around the sky tower... I probably would have done what Sarah did! That did make me laugh lol!! x