Monday, 4 June 2012

So my first (bank hol) weekend in New Zealand is coming to an end! 

Yesterday, my first proper day here, Sarah & Rod took me around Auckland for a bit of sight seeing! There are lots of volcanoes in Auckland so we travelled round to see them; they were amazing & I'll have some brilliant photos to show you all once I'm back! (P.S they are not active).

There is a skytower in Auckland which is the tallest man made structure in New Zealand, at 328m high...and you can bungee jump from the top or do a 'skywalk'. Next weekend I plan to do the skywalk (on my own!!), and walk around the edge There is a 1.2 metre-wide walkway around the top, with no handrails just a harness securing you to the building! So exciteeeeeed :) There is also the Auckland Harbour Bridge, which you can walk along the top of. I am definiately doing that!!

I was meant to go out for a meal last night with the friends I am staying with but I was so exhausted. I felt completely zoned out so decided to stay in, chill & have an early night - which helped refresh me for todays adventures!

Today I drove to where my placement will begin tomorrow! The office where I am meeting the manager is literally round the corner from where I am staying - quite strange as I didn't plan that. I contacted random organisations in Auckland and they were the ones who offered me a place, so it was just luck that they were based so close! The actual building I will be working in is a 20 minute drive, but again not too far! I am actually excited about starting work there, probably the only placement I've been excited about! It will definately be an experience working in another country and seeing how they do things out here! 

Anyway, its 11pm here so I'm off to bed! 

Have a good day everyone at home :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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